The Shoalhaven River and the surrounding waterways are home to a variety of fish species  from the ever popular Flathead and Bream to the mighty Mulloway and in the upper reaches it is home to the Australian Fresh Water Bass. Most species can be found all year round so it makes for a great fishing location for the whole family.

   Here are some locations that have worked for us, starting from the entrance of the river and heading upstream.

1. Seven Mile Beach.

   This is a great fishing location Whiting, Bream, Flathead, Flounder, Salmon, Tailor and Mulloway can be taken. Its always best to fish a rising tide on any beach. There are good sandworms to be found on the flat sections of the beach at low tide with other baits such as pilchards, squirt worms, nippers, prawns, blood worms and squid all being great baits.

   Fish to be found in the Shoalhaven River are: Flathead, Sand Whiting, Bream, Tailor, Salmon, Blackfish, plus other species and Mulloway off the beach at night with some small school sharks taken on live tailor.

2. Shoalhaven River Entrance

   The river mouth is closed most of the time due to wind blowing sand into the channel and closing it off. When it is open Whiting, Blue Swimmer Crabs and Flathead can be had in the narrow channel. The change of the tide is a good time to fish as the current is not as strong otherwise work your way along with the current. Baits same as for the beach.

3.Channel  near the wharf (northern side of the river)

   The wharf at the end of Jerry Bailey Road is a good location for the kids with some nice Blackfish taken in the cooler months along with Bream and Flathead. The channel has nice Blackfish along the edge in the weed. Prawns can be caught along here in summer on the hot nights.

4. Middle of the river.

   Drifting along here is great for Flathead using white bait or pilchards with the incoming tide the best. Some nice Flounder can be taken also on prawns or fish bait.

5. The Cannel (Commerong Island).

This was dug out by convicts to link the Shoalhaven River to the Crookhaven River as the entrance to the Shoalhaven was too shallow to cross in ships, so they came in through the Crookhaven  River up to Nowra to unload their cargo. Fishing along the western edge of the island is rocky but its great Blackfish country with some deep channels around that area, Bream and Flathead can also be taken on the sand flats on the opposite bank, baits same as before.

6. The Sunken Wall.

   As you head around past the ferry there is a rock wall which is about 200m long. Fishing along the edge is excellent Blackfish country, it is rocky in close with a clean sandy bottom further out with Flathead and Whiting out here.

7. O'keefes Point ( The Cannel entrance marked by a red bouy)

   This an area of shallow sandy flats, the current is quite strong across this section of water but the fishing is good. Drifting along here in a boat will see Flathead, Tailor and Whiting taken.

8. As you head up the Shoalhaven River on the left there is a large blue silo. Anchor about 3 boat lengths off the shore, Blackfish and Bream can be had here using Squirt worms or green weed, runout tide seems to be the best.

9. Numbaa Island.

   This Island is a great spot to stop and get some fresh bait , nippers and squirt worms can be found at the eastern end of the island in the shallows. Using a nipper pump you can collect enough bait here for a days fishing.

10. Broughton Creek.

   You can fish here by boat or off the shore. Great location for Bream and Blackfish. Fishing off the bank is good just about anywhere along the rocky edge. As you drive towards Nowra you will often see cars parked on the left just over Broughton Creek Bridge. Park along here and walk through the paddock to the waters edge. Its very rocky but most of the time the results are worth it.


There are three boat ramps in Shoalhaven Heads .

1. Off Hay Ave on Wharf Rd  this ramp faces south with little protection from the wind .

2. At the very end of River Rd there is a double wide boat ramp which offers some protection from the north east winds, but again open to the south.

3. Down the end of Hay Ave there is a boat ramp that is protected from every direction with plenty of parking 

The local service station station and the Hardware store both sell tackle and bait.

We hope you find this information helpful to your fishing on the Shoalhaven River. 

If you are bringing a boat please let us know prior to your arrival as space is limited for parking .

Shoalhaven Marine Rescue Association 

PH. 02 44474466    24 hour Weather

Contactable on VHF 16-73

27.880 MHZ 27.900 MHZ

2182 or 2524 KHZ

24 hours 7 days week 




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