This listing is updated fortnightly. Last updated 31/03/24.

All of these homes, caravans, and cabins can be inspected between the hours of 9:00am to 4:00pm.


Mobile home with aluminium annexe, with large front veranda, concrete driveway and garden shed














Annual holiday sites 2023

    • Site Fees – Covers Mum, Dad, and dependent children up to 16 years of age
    • Yearly: $6700.00
    • Quarterly: $1675.00
    • All site fee payments must be paid online


  • Visitors: A fee of $20.00 per person per night applies during Christmas holidays, all school holidays, and long weekends. A $15.00 fee per person per night applies outside the above mentioned dates. All visitors must report and sign in to the office on arrival during office hours, or the next day if they have arrived late.



Site fees are reviewed November of every year.

Additional Costs


Each site has its own meter, which is read the first week of every month. Please note that the electricity must be turned off on departure

Entrance Setup Fee

A one off setup fee of $500.00

Police Background Check

Police background check is required by all persons over 18 years of age listed on all agreements.


All owners must have a current Public Risk insurance policy for at least $10 million on their site, and provide Management with a copy of this policy every year.

General Rules
    1. The resort facilities are for the resort residents and their guests (who must be accompanied by the residents) – your guest are your responsibility.
  • Children must be supervised by the owner/parent whilst staying in your dwelling. No children to use your caravan/cabin without parental supervision at all times – this applies to anyone under 18 years of age.
  •  Strictly NO pets permitted on Mountain View Resort property.
  • Unruly or drunken behavior will not be tolerated and will result in eviction. Any damages or cleaning charges related to such behavior will be at your expense.
  • Visitors fees must be paid during the visitors stay, or removal of caravan/cabin from the resort may be necessary.
  • If you require visitors to collect keys from the office, you must advise management prior to their arrival. We will not hand out keys to anyone unless we have prior approval from the owners during office hours. Please note that we will not hand out keys after the office has closed.
  • All children must be back on their site by 9:00pm, or accompanied by a parent.
  • All vehicles are to be parked on your site, not on the powered sites, roadways, or in the car park at the front of the office. Parking at the hall is for disabled drivers only using the hall. No other parking in this area is allowed. Parking on the roads is prohibited. ONE CAR PER SITE
  • The speed limit in the resort is 10km/hour (walking pace). Our streets are shared pathways.
  • Site fees must be paid promptly when due. Any overdue fees will incur an interest rate at 2% above the current CBA unsecured loan rate.
  • All tradesmen must report to the office with insurance, worker’s compensation, and all license details prior to starting any work. All work must have approval from the management prior to starting.
  • No excess noise after 10:00pm, or before 8:00am or excessive noise that disrupts others during the day
  • Any breakages caused by yourself or your guests will be at your expense.
  • Tenants are responsible for their children and visitors at all times within the resort and whilst in your dwelling/site.
  • No wood-fired BBQs or open flame fires (heat beads) or smokers are to be used on your site or anywhere else in the resort.
  • All owners must have a current insurance policy with public liability of 20 million dollars on your caravan/cabin and a copy held in the office.
  • All electricity and water must be turned off upon departure. No responsibility will be accepted for spoiled food or damage to any equipment if your power has not been turned off.
  • No riding of bikes (bike helmets must be worn in the resort) or scooters on any footpaths and after dusk (ie, when the street lights come on).
  • No skateboards, rip sticks, hover-boards, electric scooters, or similar toys to be ridden in the resort.
  • All existing hot water system elements are restricted to a maximum of 1.8kW, when the electric hot water service dies MUST be replaced with gas.
  • All new or replacement hotwater services MUST be gas and approved by the office.
  • The family package nominated people can only be changed annually when your site fees are due. This is fixed for 12 months minimum.
  • No BBQs are the be used on the verandas of the overnight accommodation.
  • All modifications to caravans or units must have written prior approval from management before starting.
  • Only one garden shed per site, with management approval prior.
  • Only bagged domestic household rubbish is to be placed in our bins. Large items will incur a charge for removal. Privately owned bins will not be emptied
  • Visitors staying with a permanent resident allowed to stay no more than 14 nights PER YEAR  unless prior arrangement with resort management, THIS IS AN OVER 55 RESORT ONLY FOR PERMANENT LIVING
  • All screening MUST be made from a noncombustible material approved by the office, no other products will be allowed.



Permanent Living (over 55s)

Visitors staying with a permanent resident are only allowed to stay no more than 14 nights unless prior arrangement with resort management,



New 1 bedroom mobile  home, bathroom and concrete driveway.  $230,000







2 bedroom relocatable home with a concrete driveway and carport on one the large sites. Some furniture
can stay:- washing machine, 2 recliners, table and chairs, chest freezer plus possibly gas heater. $370,000








2 bedroom relocatable home fully renovated with a large front deck new vinyl flooring and carpet throughout, all new plasterboard,
paint, bathroom and kitchen with dishwasher, full length carport and concrete driveway,
garden shed and reverse cycle air-conditioning $459,000








2 Bedroom lord and Gleeson relocatable home with an enclosed sunroom, front veranda, reverse cycle air-conditioning, full length carport and
concrete driveway, laundry and a garden shed. $370,000.









2 bedroom mobile home with aluminum annexe, front verandah, modern kitchen,  washing machine, dryer, fridge
and microwave stays if wanted. $175,000









Parkwood 2 bedroom home with reverse cycle air-conditioning, North facing verandah, tinted windows and laundry
in the bathroom> $365,000









APC 2 bedroom relocatable home, 2 bathrooms, front deck, reverse cycle air-conditioning and carport. Most furniture included except
personal items (towels and linen) $587,000